Young Five’s

Sea Turtles:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday AM

Spiritual Goals


  • to participate in prayer and share requests and praises
  • that Jesus loves them no matter what
  • that the Bible is true and useful/applicable

Physical Goals (small and large motor)


  • writing uppercase letters
  • drawing basic shapes
  • drawing person
  • cutting straight and curvy lines
  • skipping
  • galloping
  • tip toe
  • jumping
  • balancing

Cognitive goals


  • to follow directions independently
  • to recognize and draw shapes
  • to recognize all colors
  • to recognize most numbers 1-20
  • to recognize letters of alphabet
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Social and Emotional Goals


  • to listen when others are talking
  • to wait his/her turn
  • to play well and communicate with other children
  • to respect the property of others.
  • to feel good about him/herself and recognize his/her abilities
  • to express feelings in an appropriate way.

Creative Development


  • paint easel
  • color
  • dramatic play
  • art center
  • music and movement
  • building blocks
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