Elizabeth Black

4's Lead Teacher

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Professional Biography:  

Working with young children has been a part of my heart from as far as I can remember. I love childrens’ bright outlook on the world and their beautiful teachable spirits. I team-taught Kindergarten at North Hills Classical Academy for 5 years after graduating from GVSU. I left NHCA to be home with my own children while they were young. Around 2014 I started teaching again at Jenison Christian School. At JCS I started out teaching 3’s Preschool, then moved on to teaching 4’s Preschool there until 2018. Since then, I’ve stepped into new territory working in real estate, specializing in client services. I’ve been with Keller Williams for almost 3 years and I love it also. I love learning new things and getting to understand a new field. I’m able to work on a team with a longtime friend from middle school which makes it even better! This next chapter in my life, teaching 4’s preschool again, has been an amazing surprise of returning the classroom. I’m remembering why I loved the little ones! Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in teaching your precious children about God’s great beautiful world and His love for them. I know God has exciting plans for each one of my students!

Personal Biography:

My family of 4 is the most important thing to me after my faith in Christ. Justin and I have been married for 15 years. We have a daughter who is 12, Annalee, and a son who is 10, Graham. Teaching, mommying and wifing are the greatest joys in my life. We love to do everything together: travel, explore nature, play sports, laugh, gather with our extended family, try restaurants and have fun competitions 

I was born in Chicago, IL (hence the life-long nick-name “Cub”) and moved to Michigan very early on. I attended East Grand Rapids Schools from grammar school through graduation.  

Philosophical Biography:

My walk with the Lord is always changing and growing. I’m amazed at the new ways God shows up in my life and His incredible reckless love for us. I’ve done several seasons of Bible Study Fellowship where my fundamental understanding of God’s word and my love for Christ deepened. Growing up my parents were devout in their Christian faith and we attended church regularly. I have known of the Lord since I was very young, but it’s been in my most difficult seasons of life that I’m learning what it means to “walk with the Lord.” My heart desires to know God more, understand how God sees me and learn more of His plans for me. Inviting God into every aspect of my life is stretching and growing me in new ways. I can see God’s miracles daily, and your children are a big part of that. I had the privilege to participate in baptism in Lake Michigan, which symbolized my commitment to believing I am who God says I am.

We have attended Fairhaven Church for about 5 years, getting involved with Harbor Kids, Youth Week, VBS and One Baptism. The team of pastors at FH has truly been the hands and feet of Jesus to me. 

Food: fruit; baked goods; anything mexican 

Drink: Water, Coconut Water, bubbly water

Candy: chocolate seafoam, caramel bugles

Restaurant: Bonefish, Uncle Cheetah Soup 

Hobby: running; biking; podcasts; reading; sewing; DIY-ing; interior design; cooking; laughing; (anything) with my best friend

Color: fuschia 

Movies: The Shack

TV Shows: 90 Day Fiance, Dog the Bounty Hunter