4 Year Olds

Whales AM: Monday,Wednesday and Friday
Dolphins AM: Tuesday,Thursday and Friday

9:00am – 11:30am

Dolphins PM: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday PM

12:30pm – 3:00pm

Spiritual Goals


  • to practice and begin to participate in prayer
  • that God made the world around them and how we need to take care of it
  • the Bible is God’s word


Physical Goals (small and large motor)


  • tracing and beginning to write letters and shapes
  • drawing people
  • cutting straight lines
  • running
  • hopping
  • galloping
  • catching/throwing/bouncing a ball
  • balancing


Cognitive goals


  • to follow directions
  • shapes
  • colors
  • to differentiate small, medium, large
  • to recognize most numbers 1-10
  • counting
  • to recognize most letters of alphabet
  • to recognize most sounds of alphabet (Zoophonics)
  • to recognize, spell, and begin to write first name
  • science discovery
  • patterning



Social and Emotional Goals


  • to sit quiet at circle and listen while others are talking
  • to understand to wait for his/her turn
  • to play well with other children
  • to help take care of the property of others
  • to feel good about him/herself and abilities
  • to express feelings in an acceptable way


Creative Development


  • paint
  • color
  • dramatic play
  • art center
  • music and movement
  • building blocks