3 Year Olds

Minnows AM: Monday and Wednesday AM
Starfish AM: Tuesday and Thursday AM

9:00am – 11:30am


Spiritual Goals

Learn that:

  • prayer is talking to God
  • God made them
  • God loves them and wants to be their friend
  • we read the Bible to learn about God


Physical Goals (small and large motor)


  • prewriting skills such as tracing and coloring
  • holding scissors correctly and cutting
  • drawing
  • gluing
  • kick a ball
  • catch and throw ball
  • running
  • hopping
  • jumping


Cognitive goals


  • to follow simple directions
  • basic shapes
  • small vs. large
  • basic colors of rainbow
  • to recognize first name
  • to recognize numbers 1-5
  • counting
  • to recognize some letters of alphabet (Zoophonics)
  • science discovery
  • simple patterns




Social and Emotional Goals


  • to leave home and feel comfortable
  • to listen at circle time
  • to wait his/her turn
  • to play alongside other children
  • that some things belong to friends
  • to feel good about him/herself
  • to express emotions appropriately


Creative Development


  • paint
  • color
  • dramatic play
  • art projects
  • music and movement
  • building blocks